What to Bring


Bark N Purr Kennels encourages all guests to bring an ample supply of food for their stay. Whatever type of food your pet is accustomed to and most likely to eat. Measuring into prepackaged baggies is always helpful but not required. We have a refrigerator on site for food that must remain chilled and to store temperature sensitive medications.


If your dog has a favorite bed or blanket you are welcome to bring that along as well. If not, we have plenty of blankets and towels for bedding. If your dog is a chewer and will destroy bedding, we ask you leave the blankets at home and we will provide a durable raised cot instead for their safety. We wash any bedding or toys that become soiled or dirty before returning them to you. We do multiple loads of laundry every day, so make sure to let us know if you are missing any items! They are probably in the dryer.


We request you do not bring food bowls unless they are specialty items such as raised food bowls or slow feeder bowls. We have many stainless steel bowls of all sizes that we wash and sterilize daily. It's easy for customer's bowls to get mixed in and lost if they are identical.


We also encourage you to bring any toys, treats, supplements, medications, etc. that your dog may need during their stay.


We can administer most medications, make sure to leave detailed instructions.


All canine guests must have current vaccination records for:

Canine distemper
Note: These vaccines are usually given in 3 separate shots, Rabies, Bordatella, and a combination shot usually called DA2P, DAPP, or DAPV.

We strongly recommend that your dog is up to date on flea and tick preventative. The kennel grounds are sprayed regularly for pests, and we make sure to clean and disinfect all runs in between guest's stays. However, with many strange dogs in close proximity, it is a good idea to have extra protection.

We do offer flea baths at an additional fee and would suggest one for any dog that is not on a monthly preventative.

Feline guests must have current vaccination records for

Feline distemper (Panleukopenia)
Feline herpes virus (Feline viral rhinotracheitis)
Note: These vaccines are usually given in 2 separate shots, Rabies, and a combination for the rest.

Please email vaccination records to barknpurr@shots.pet